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Need church consultation? Got a disagreement in your church that’s driving you crazy? Chasing visitors away? Shrinking your membership and giving? Church conflict is much more common than most people realize. In fact, the average church will have a small to medium sized conflict every five years. Most church members try to avoid church conflict but if handled correctly conflict can be healthy. When people have different ideas they disagree. But a church that is perfectly calm and without disagreement may stay the same year after year, decade after decade. Such churches may seem stable but often fails to connect with younger generations of prospective members who have their own ideas of what is important and meaningful in church. Gradually such churches decline in energy, service and finally in membership. Some of these churches are even forced to close.

The size of church limits the kind of church one has, specifically how much relationship with the pastor and other members you can have and the quality of programs, sermons, music, etc. Often conflict arises because people have unrealistic expectations of members, church and pastor.  One of the most insightful essays on church size is by Dr. Timothy Keller. Here it is: It can help you understand not only how a church of a particular size functions, but why.

Whether the issue is church direction, staff conflict, worship or even what color to paint the sanctuary, Reverend Glen Bickford can help your church find solutions and help heal rifts. He’s had more than 20 years experience working with churches as pastor, interim pastor and consultant in many different denominations. Glen’s helped solve dozens of church conflicts: small disagreements between individuals and heated arguments involving many people which threaten to split a church. He has trained with author and consultant Dr. Peter Steinke (list of books here: and Speed Leas formerly of Alban Institute serve as mentors.

For church conflicts, Glen works at either an hourly rate or a fixed amount decided in advance and his first consultation with a church is always free.

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