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Many conflicts ending in costly court battles can be settled with mediation instead. Save yourself grief! Rediscover the things in life you’ve been missing!

With mediation you take control. Glen helps you focus on the problem rather than on each other. You will work together in a safe environment to solve the problem. Divorce mediation can save thousands of dollars.

In divorce mediation you learn see the issues behind the positions. In the end, often there’s a way where everyone is satisfied. Litigation and arbitration are win/lose; with Glen mediating solutions can be win-win! Agreements stand the test of time!

“Glen was a big help to me in getting more time with my son. I highly recommend him” -Mike B.

“I cannot thank Glen enough for helping our family get through a rough time, he helped us realize that everyone wanted what is best, we just had trouble communicating it without emotion. I hope that everyone gives divorce mediation a try before doing something with long lasting effects to everyone around them, it really works!” – Mario F.


Glen Bickford

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I have more than 15 years experience with families and churches in conflict management and resolution. Clear thinking and calm presence  is a must in stressful interpersonal situations so I’m balanced between a logical head and caring heart. Skill and experience in crisis counseling, de-escalation and conflict resolution is what I bring to to the table. As a  former ER chaplain, I’m sensitive to diverse faiths and beliefs, and understand many of the differences that age, education, setting and lifestyle can make in dealing with conflict. I know my limits in dealing with different cultures yet have much inter-cultural experience. Immersed in language study in college, I also lived with people from over 20 countries including people from Africa, South America and Asia.