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We have provided some mediation videos to more fully explain the services offered by Bickford Mediation, as well as answer some question you may have about his mediation services. They are short and can tell a lot about Minnesota divorce.

Many people in mediation make demands. If you do that, you are on difficult ground, because it means you are saying that you not only want what you want, but that your solution is the ONLY WAY TO GET what you want. A great scholarly video  on reframing by Mediation Professor Bernie Mayer is here: It explains my Minnesota divorce mediation services.

St Paul divorce mediation services, Minneapolis divorce mediation services, Rochester divorce mediation services don't have to be quite so difficult. Minnesota family mediation can help you cooperate. Co-parenting after divorce can be much easier if you have an agreement to turn to. If you have an agreement you can learn to cooperate even more. Your children will be happier and healthier as a result. Instead of spending every year in court, you can save that money for a vacation with the kids or for their college education. My Minnesota divorce mediation services work. Call us at Bickford Mediation today!


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