Healthy Congregations

Healthy Congregations

Know healthy congregations? Is yours? Want to stay healthy? Peter Steinke, creator of Bridge Builders conflict resolution process, has a new program based on one of his most popular books (link to it here) Rev. Glen Bickford is trained to lead and facilitate healthy congregations with this program, Glen helps congregations to stay healthy; the focus of these workshops is on strengths so fewer problems occur; problems may be handled in a healthy way. The workshops consist of 6 sessions of 2-4 hours each with videos, teaching and small group discussion. These sessions may be held in sequence or individually. They consist of:

I. Creating Healthy Congregations
Healthy Congregations focus on accepting individual differences, on strengths, and on mission/outreach.

II. Responding Appropriately to Anxiety and Change
Healthy congregations respond not react, manage conflict without denying it and act flexibly and creatively to overcome difficulties.

III. Leadership
In healthy congregations leaders promote health through their presence and functioning, challenge people and provide immunity to diseases and conflict

IV. Relationships
In healthy congregations people respond graciously and truthfully, develop caring relationships and empower others.

V. Generous People
Healthy congregations recognize interdependence of life, practice stewardship gratefully and combine stewardship with Christian life and practice.

VI. Spiritual Care
In healthy congregations people share their lives, hospitality is offered to all, and beginning anew is a way of life.

Glen Bickford is authorized by Healthy Congregations to facilitate these workshops. Rev. Bickford’s pastoral experience and training in facilitating the Healthy Congregations workshops makes these workshops educational and fun! Glen facilitates any of these workshops for a nominal fee and will offer discounts to congregations choosing more than one workshop. It is a great way to learn about your members and how members work together. Why don’t you give it a try. There is little to lose and a great deal to gain!