Bridge Builders Church Conflict Resolution Process

Bridge Builders Church Conflict Resolution Process

Bridge Builders church conflict resolution process is useful. For small matters or for churches desiring more traditional church conflict resolution, Glen is a skilled and compassionate facilitator of this process. For other matters or churches wanting a different sort of conflict resolution, Glen recommends Bridge Builders church conflict process for resolution.

Steinke has been a “guru” of church conflict mediation for more than 30 years (see link to his books here.) His Bridge Builders Program has been successfully implemented by many denominations and judicatories (synods, presbyteries, diocese, districts and conferences) throughout the United States and Canada. The process is unique: it combines education, venting, listening, visioning, planning and conflict resolution. Congregations who use Bridge Builders not only solve their conflict and have a plan of action but also learn to function better so many future conflicts are avoided.

Many judicatories and areas have an individual trained in this process to aid churches in conflict. Glen Bickford was trained by Peter Steinke himself in Bridge Builders and is able consult with Dr. Steinke during the process. Glen will also work with churches in Southern Minnesota and within a day’s drive of Minneapolis. Glen can also consult nationally and in Canada. Bridge Builders is usually done for a flat fee and either one or two facilitators may be used. It can be used for church conflict or a crisis involving clergy or other church staff.

The Bridge Builder process involves several types of group meetings and information gathering and decision-making in the church. These take place over a period of several months. It culminates in a congregational meeting to explain and approve the plan of action. Bridge Builders is surprisingly affordable, much less costly than most other church consultant or conflict interventions.

“I recommend Glen for any mediation type work” -Mike P. Congregational President