Mediation Services

 Mediation literally means "being in the middle."

Contact Glen for a free consultation regarding your particular situation. Generally, in mediation someone (the mediator) is in the middle between the two people, re-framing and reinterpreting what each person in the dispute is saying. This usually means focusing on the content of the person’s words while often re-expressing the person’s feelings in a non-threatening way.

Mediation can be done by “caucusing” (i.e. meeting with each person or party separately), usually in rooms or spaces close together that will allow the mediator to travel back and forth quickly. Mediation can also be done by two people meeting in the same room or group(s) of individuals meeting together. The more people involved (especially with diverse opinions), the more complex the relationships between and among individuals - hence the longer mediation takes. Having a spokesman for a group(s) can facilitate and shorten mediation.

Divorce Mediation. Church Consulting. Child Custody.

At Bickford Mediation, Glen focuses on divorce and marriage mediation and also on church mediation and consultation. He's used to being "in the middle" in conflict and brings a voice of reason and resolution to difficult situations. He understands the difficulties of both divorce (Glen is divorced and has worked with couples for many years) and church culture (Glen has been a pastor since 1992 and consulted with Speed Leas and Peter Steinke, both consultants with many decades of experience).

For mediation services, whether divorce mediation or church conflict resolution, consultation, and mediation, contact Glen today!

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