New Visions Church Transformation

Is your church stuck? Is it more focused inward, on members, than on outreach? If it feels that way, your church is not alone. Peter Steinke’s latest book: A Door Set Open: Grounding Change in Mission and Hope and its accompanying New Visions study materials tell how the American church got where it is now, struggling with too much information and societal change to process it all properly. New Visions also states that churches resist change least when it involves mission and when that mission is grounded in hope.

Steinke seeks change: to move congregations from “mission drift” into “mission culture.” If properly developed New Visions could also result in new members and financial growth. New Visions’ excellent workbook materials cover Steinke’s book A Door Set Open chapter by chapter, as well as videos in which Steinke himself tells of his experiences in churches. For Steinke, hope is the key.

Glen Bickford is available to present this material to any congregation utilizing his training by Steinke and associates. After the initial presentations, these workshops and materials are designed to be used again and again in small groups taught by members. Price is according to a sliding fee scale based on church size.