When Is the Best Time for Mediation?

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Not fighting with your Ex
July 20 Mom with child 5
More not Fighting with Your Ex: Quality Time

School is Coming
When is the best time for mediation? It’s right now! It’s time to get your child custody issues taken care of! Scheduling can be figured out: https://www.custodyxchange.com/examples/schedules/

Wouldn’t you rather be swinging with you kids outside enjoying this gorgeous weather? It can be hard to think about fall yet, but save yourself some grief. Don’t try to do it all at the last minute. Get it all worked out now.
I offer Zoom consults and mediation on evenings and weekends. I can save you thousands of dollars if you can do it yourself with my help. Call me and we can chat about your situation at no cost. You’ll be glad you did.

What Happens if I Wait?

Well first, you won’t enjoy the time you have with your kids because you’ll be worry about the fight with your ex.

Second, it will be harder to work out a parenting schedule for fall if you wait. Do you want a 5-2-2-5 schedule or something simpler? Do you want 50/50 custody? When is the best time for Mediation? Now.

Third, the longer you wait the more frustrations you’ll have with your ex. Situations can get much worse in a hurry if you wait, If your ex gets an attorney it may be difficult. And much, much more expensive.

What Else Happens When I Wait?

If you wait to mediate, you wait to heal. The faster you can get this situation behind you, the easier and sooner you can heal. You don’t want to set up your kids with a movie on Netflix because you don’t have the energy to do fun things with them.

What Else Can You Do for Me If I Call Sooner?

If you call me: https://resolveconflictnow.net/about_conflict_resolution/curriculum-vitae/

now to mediate, I can get you in to see me in a few days. Sometimes as soon as the next day, or the same week. What happens if you wait? You may have to wait even more! I book up fast close to school, and you don’t want to set your fall schedule in October or November. Call me today 507-269-9079 or 612-670 7980. Hundreds of satisfied customers!