Fun after Mediation. Divorce Mediation is Better.

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You having fun without a costly court battle!
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More fun after not hanging around in court for hours!

How Divorce Mediation Can Make Your Life More Fun: 3 Reasons

Why do people try divorce mediation instead of simply going to court?


Divorce with each of you having an attorney gets very expensive very quickly. Attorneys ask for retainers (up front money) of $3000 to $10,000 or more. That’s just the beginning! If you have a trial, you could end up spending $20,000 or more.

Attorneys can be needed in cases of spousal abuse, or a disability that prevents a person from mediating. There are wonderful attorneys out there who will represent you fairly, but they can cost a great deal. Mediation can be done without attorneys (yes, it is legal to mediate without an attorney) present, in many cases. Mediation means that you split the costs of the mediator. It is not unusual to save 50-70% using a mediator without attorneys present over the costs of two attorneys. The more you cooperate and do yourselves, the more you save. Keep money for that family vacation or

Deciding Things Together with Divorce Mediation

When you mediate for your divorce (divorce mediation), you try to decide things together. You don’t let a judge or referee decide what is best for you or your kids: you do! Now there may be a good reason the two of you don’t always get along. A mediator can help, and can be better than attorneys or trying by yourself Alternative Dispute Resolution in Divorce and Child Custody Deciding things together can help any agreement last. When a judge decides things for you or your children, it is not unusual for one parent or the other to be unhappy with a decision (sometimes both!). You are more likely to understand what works well for you and your children

Divorce Mediation Can Be Faster

When attorneys start to avoid court, they can often start with a direct and forceful letter to the other party. That is not unusual: attorneys are taught in law school to defend their clients. But such tactics can backfire. Attorneys send several letters back and forth, and folks can get angrier and angrier.

Divorce Mediation is different. The focus is on fairness, what is best for both of you. Personally, I try to keep people calm during sessions. Did you know that once people get angry it’s hard to settle down again? It can take many hours to get completely calm, so your heart isn’t racing As a mediator, I try to keep things calm and productive. It is not unusual to get divorce mediation done in just a few hours, instead of 40 hours of attorneys’ time.

Bonus: Co-Parenting after Divorce Mediation is Easier

If folks get angrier and angrier in court battles it can be hard to cooperate after all that name-calling and mud-slinging (before court or in court). With divorce mediation, parents start out by cooperating! After divorce, parents often continue cooperating. They can set the tone of parenting together and the kids can see you are able to cooperate at parenting despite your differences. That is important for you and important for your kids to see.


Even attorneys agree: divorce mediation is better. That’s why so many attorneys end up as mediators! Call Glen Bickford 612-670-7980 or 507-269-9079. Glen mediates in Southern and Central Minnesota, especially in Mankato, Rochester, Owatonna and the Twin Cities Metro. Glen also can do Zoom and offers a free hour of consultation. Call Glen today. He can help! Don’t delay. You deserve to enjoy your summer and have some fun. Divorce mediation can make a difference!