Alternative Dispute Resolution in Divorce and Child Custody

I wanted to talk about Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) for divorce or child custody. ADR is the alternative to going to court (with attorneys or without attorneys). But there are many different ways to settle a dispute:
Mediation (with or without attorneys) is where you sit down with your significant other with a mediator and try to work out an agreement for separation and child custody (confidential in MN except for the agreement)
Arbitration is where you meet with an arbitrator who decides your dispute if you can work it out yourselves (whatever you decide together,confidential or not, but like mediation often people decide the process is confidential, the results are not) Evaluation is where you meet with an evaluator who tells you what a court is likely to rule or would work for you. This can be an ordinary evaluator (confidential) or a custody evaluator ordered by the court (not confidential)
Parenting Time Expediter (PTE) is someone who is appointed by the court to decide your case and even can be appointed even over the objections of one of you. She or he can makes decision about parenting time (confidential except for decisions). Usually the decisions are confined to interpreting a judge’s order.
Parenting Consultant (PC) is someone you both have to agree to initially, but it takes both of you or the judge to terminate. PCs can have broad powers to decide, almost like a judge. This process is NOT confidential, so can be used as evidence in court.
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