Diversity and Mediation

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Are diversity and mediation incompatible? Far from it. the ability to handle cultural issues depends on the mediator, regardless of what color or ethnicity the mediator is. Some mediators do well only with members of their own ethnic group, while others have significant multi-cultural experience.

Mediation and Diversity Issues

How can you avoid problems with diversity issues? First, be open and honest with what your issues are. If in your culture, there are issues regarding dowries etc. then these things need to be talked about. Often, one party will be going by traditional ethnic values, while the other may be wanting to adhere to American values.

Understandability and Mediators

Second, does your mediator understand what the cultural issues are? It may be that the mediator has a hard time understanding an accent. So she may not know the concept that is being talked about is. Besides, Many mediators are limited to “black and white” thinking. The best mediators are flexible and think outside the box, including their cultural box.

Choose a Mediator with Multi-cultural Experience

Glen Bickford is a mediator who understands many multi-cultural issues. He has studied several languages, including Spanish, French and German. But Glen is wise enough not to mediate in those languages because that requires specialized training. Furthermore, Glen has lived with folks from over 20 different countries. And These include Senegal, Canada, Brazil, China, Japan, and Thailand.

Here is a link to his resume https://resolveconflictnow.net/about_conflict_resolution/curriculum-vitae/

Qualifications are Important

Not only multicultural understanding, but qualifications are equally important. Glen has had valuable training that qualifies him for the State ADR roster You can find Glen Herehttps://adrroster.courts.state.mn.us/

Mediators and Diversity: Not all are Equal

Not all mediators are equal. They have varied backgrounds and experience. For a quality mediation experience, I, Glen Bickford, have what it takes to get things done. Call me today. You’ll be glad you did.