Ready for Summer Fun with Your Kids?

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It’s Summer and it’s time to do Stuff with your kids. If you are not happy in your adult relationship and want to leave, please consider mediation. Bickford Mediation can often do a quicker, easier, less expensive separation, divorce or co-parenting arrangement than fighting it out in court with two attorneys. Plus you end up agreeing, and able to move on with doing fun activities with your kids. Without that cloud hanging over everything. Mediated agreements can be better, because YOU decide what is best for your kids, not a judge who hardly knows them.

Bickford Mediation can come to you! We serve Southern Minnesota and the Mpls/St. Paul area. Glen Bickford Curriculum Vitae . Nearly 20 years of helping separating families co parent. Call us at today 507-269-9079 or 612-670-7980