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Divorce Mediation and Parenting Consultant in Eden Prairie, Minnesota

Nobody plans for divorce. And it’s not easy.

Families needing divorce mediation, child custody mediation, and conflict mediation don't need to pay exorbitant lawyers’ fees to work through the difficulties of divorce. Glen Bickford, APFM is a Minneapolis, St. Paul-based caring professional mediator and parenting consultant who works with families going through divorce in a way that works toward a workable solution for everyone in the situation.


Divorce Mediation in Eden Prairie

Divorce doesn’t need a lawyer. It needs mediation.

Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) processes, such as mediation, help people going through the process of a divorce save money and arrive at agreeable terms without the inflated costs of litigation.

Glen has more than 20 years of experience mediating and can help families with:

• marriage mediation
• child custody mediation
• family law mediation
• parental mediation
• child custody evaluation

Divorce is painful and difficult enough without adding exorbitant legal fees to the process.

Conflict Mediation

Even after divorce has been finalized, divorced parents in conflict can still avoid court and act in the best interest of their family. Our team at Bickford Mediation of Eden Prairie, MN can mediate a dispute or even interpret a divorce decree or court order. We can also mediate new matters of conflict that come up after the divorce.

Mediation without Legal Fees

When you mediate with Bickford Mediation, you get to decide what’s best for the family. A mediated agreement is unlikely to go to court again because you both agreed, it’s easier on both of you and better for your kids. You can move on. Mediation fees are less than many attorneys and you can split the cost.

Mediation of conflict during or after divorce with a qualified and capable mediator like Glen Bickford can help Eden Prairie families navigate difficult situations with understanding. And because you work things out yourselves, a mediated agreement is unlikely to go to court. It makes solutions that are beneficial and keep everyone focused on what’s most important.

Mediation for Child Custody in Eden Prairie, Minnesota

The conflicts that arise from divorce, while difficult, and even painful at times, can be managed in a way that is best for all concerned, especially children. Our Twin-Cities-based mediation team

Parenting Consultant

A Parenting Consultant (PC) is like a Parenting Time Expeditor (or PTE- see PTE page for more information) but a PC has more authority. A Parenting Consultant can do everything a PTE can do but may also arbitrate other issues not addressed by the court if the parties agree. There is no training required to be a parenting consultant other than qualified neutral, but Glen has special training through Hamline Law School, St. Paul, MN to serve as a Parenting Consultant similar to the one in the link. As PC, Glen works at an hourly rate.

Like a PTE, a PC’s decision may be upheld or overturned by the court. Unlike a PTE, a Parenting Consultant’s decision is public and told to the court as well as the parents when a decision is rendered. Parenting Consulting is an alternative dispute resolution process authorized by MN Statute Rule 114.02 (a) (10).

Mediation Process for Child Custody

After a divorce, there are still more ways for divorced parents in conflict to avoid court. Mediation works before or after divorce. Parenting Time Expeditors can mediate a dispute or even interpret the divorce decree or court order. Parenting Consultants can decide new matters of conflict that come up over time. All these developments have meant that divorce and divorced parenting issues, while often painful, can be managed in a way that is best for all concerned, especially the children. Family and Divorce is never easy, but it can be managed with Bickford Mediation to help.


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Choose our Eden Prairie-based Divorce, Child Custody, and Conflict Mediation Services and you will decide what’s best for your family, not a judge.

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