Where to Begin? Divorce Mediation Explained.

Where do you begin with a divorce? It’s best to begin with divorce mediation. Most courts will require you try mediation whether you have an attorney or not. So if you go to court most judges and referees will order you to try mediation. Why not try divorce mediation first, before you go to court or contact an attorney?

I can meet you at a church or courthouse nearby to explain what mediation can do for you. Divorce mediation is a lot less hectic- and intense- than going to court and fighting it out for your kids or pet or retirement funds. Divorce mediation can settle things easier and more quickly than two attorneys can. Attorneys are seldom collaborative. They are taught in law school to fight for their clients hard, no matter what the cost, financial or emotional. With divorce mediation using a professional mediator like me, things can get done for 1/3 to 1/2 what hiring two attorneys would cost you.

I will answer as many questions as you need answered for free, up to an hour or so, so you feel comfortable with me and using my divorce mediation services. Talk to others who have tried divorce mediation. They will tell you that divorce mediation works.

Do you live within two hours of Minneapolis, or are willing to travel to Mankato, Rochester, or Milaca? Then you can use Bickford divorce mediation services. I have hundreds of satisfied customers who are divorced and can co-parent peacefully with their ex, and feel better when they encounter them at transfers and family events. Most people find Divorce mediation is the way to go. Why not give it a try? You’ll be glad you did.