Suitable Candidates for Mediation

When is a person not suited to mediation? Various Chemical dependency and mental health issues come to mind. If a person is so locked in their position that they will not consider any alternatives then mediation should not be encouraged. Unfortunately, people are ordered to mediation and at times they are following court orders without any real intent. Often I will ask people if they are open to changing their position, for if they are not, mediation is a waste of time.

Even in evaluative meditation a party can be so locked in that they cannot change. Typically this is when they are emotionally stuck. Occasionally I get people whose egos are on the line so that compromise or change is tough. There can be circumstances with parents where they promise to do their best to their kids so would feel the need to exhaust every avenue so they can say to themselves or their kids “I tried my best.”

It is too bad then as often it is the parties and kids who suffer.



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