Spring Mediation

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Spring Mediation!

Why spring mediation? Spring is here! The birds are singing, the flowers blooming and a new start to life is just around the corner. Animals are running around like crazy. Spring rains and warmer weather are starting to be normal. No more cold and snow! Can summer be far behind?

But, although separating is tough, If you have a custody battle that’s still raging in Minneapolis, St. Paul, Bloomington or greater Minnesota, consider spring mediation with me, mediator Glen Bickford. Learn more about me here: https://resolveconflictnow.net/about_conflict_resolution/

Property Division

Yes, I can make things a whole lot easier during this COVID crisis. I can make separating simpler. You don’t want to spend your summer fighting over your children or your property! Why not put this division to rest by spending some working it out with my help? I have ways to divide property quickly and easily. There are even ways to divide items you both want badly and can measure how badly each of you want something Spring mediation and division of property can be a breeze! Questions? see below:


Parenting Schedules

Yes, I can work out a parenting schedule that everyone can live with. I know what works best for most folks. Want to know which is better, pick-ups or drop-offs? I can tell you and tell you a hundred other things that will make like post-separation a lot easier. Parenting time issues can be a Spring Mediation easy fix. Spend your time playing with your kids instead of fighting with you ex or ex-to-be!


COVID-19 isn’t stopping me. I can help you in person or in a Zoom meeting. It may even be easier with your ex in another place. Setting up appointments for spring mediation on Mondays, Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays; other days of the week are available with advance notice. I do evenings!

So, if you’re wanting spring mediation in Rochester, Eden Prairie, Plymouth, or Minnetonka, I can help you enjoy your summer. Call me today!