Spring is here! Time to Mediate and Clean things up

July 20 Mom with child 1
Get Your Life in Order! Spend Time Outside with Your Child!

Spring is Here! Time to Clean up Your Life!

We are heading for spring! Daylight Savings Time has come and that means light is starting to show after supper. Have you been waiting to make that final move- the move you’ve been dreading all winter but you really need to make? Now is the time, and hopefully with warmer weather you’ll be able to do the things you must.

Mediating is Learning How to Separate Well and Co-Parent Well

Mediation is an important part of separating. If you have children, mediation is essential for good co-parenting during the post-relationship part of bringing up your child or children. Once you end up in court battling it out for custody, it is too late to salvage a decent relationship, even for parenting. Mediation is better because you decide. That’s why most judges require at least an attempt at mediation BEFORE going to court.

Court Can Be Horrible!

Mediation is not easy. But very often it is EASIER than having all your weaknesses and failings exposed to the world in court. And if you can reach agreement it is much less expensive. It can be 1/2 to 1/3 the cost of going to court with attorneys.

I’m not a Judge, I’m a Calming Presence

With me to help monitor the situation, I can usually keep things from spiraling down and getting nowhere. Often it is much LESS emotionally draining than going to court to divide property or determine custody. This link tells more about me. https://resolveconflictnow.net/about_conflict_resolution/

Contacting Me is Easy!

When are you available to talk? You can call me and I’ll get back within a day or two. Talking over the phone with me is free and I offer a free consultation of up to an hour to explain the mediation process and answer your questions. My number is 612-670-7980 or 507-269-9079. Call me today for mediation and a door into a less stressful summer.