Spring Cleaning? Maybe It’s Time for Divorce Mediation.

Despite the snowflakes yesterday, spring is coming to Minnesota! It’s the time of year when many choose to do spring cleaning of their houses and yards. It’s also a time when folks have more energy to “move on” in their personal lives. If you are moving on into divorce, consider divorce mediation: it’s better for the kids and for co-parenting. It is better if you meet your Ex-to be at a wedding or birthday party. It helps you move on with less emotional baggage.

If you are considering divorce mediation, it’s best to be flexible. Problems are many in divorces, and people ponder them often. try not to get “locked-in” to only one solution to any of your divorce or separation problems. There are often MANY solutions to your problems, and quite a few are usually better than the solution you thought of. I have hundreds of cases to rely on to suggest solutions. The best solutions are most often a combination of ideas from both parties (individuals or parents). That way, the solution works well for everyone involved and each person has contributed to the solution.

If people get “locked-in,” they often shut off their ears to what the other person is saying, and think about what they are going to say next. Even if their solution doesn’t work for you, if you can listen carefully, you can show the other person how you can listen, and then they can listen to you. It sets the tone for your relationship in the future and everyone can reap the benefits of that. You and your family (friends, too) are happier, and you can spend your energy improving your life instead of worrying about you, your kids and how you are going to pay for that expensive attorney. With divorce mediation you will likely have more time to clean that house and yard, or enjoy the soon-to-be 70’s weather in April and May.

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