Planning a Divorce? Try Divorce Mediation!

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Why Divorce Mediation?’

Planning a Divorce? Try Divorce Mediation. Even though it is not easy to separate, Divorce Mediation so important in planning a divorce? It’s the cheapest most effective way to get things settled for many folks. It’s almost Memorial Day. Soon restaurants in Minnesota are soon to open up. Time to get that haircut, and get your kids’ haircuts, too. Things are getting closer to normal. What are you planning for this summer?What things have you been putting off?

If it’s mediation, a divorce mediation or settling a custody dispute now is your time! Fights are exhausting. So you can save yourself a lot of headaches. Work a bit now so you can relax later. It is a huge relief for most folks to go to divorce mediation or custody mediation and focus on the kids and your summer Get it settled now!

What Divorce Mediation Can Do

How are you handling your separation. It’s not easy. Need help?Divorce mediation and Custody Mediation works! I can help with schedules, custody labels, vacations and holidays. I can help with property division, retirement division, and how to decide on the value of a house.

How to Mediate

How do you mediate? Anybody can mediate, if you have a skilled pro with you. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist. You have to be willing to give a little; You may need to pick your highest priorities to get more of what you want. Don’t expect to get absolutely everything you want. Click below to find out more. You’ll be glad to be prepared for mediation sessions:

Where Do I Mediate?

Still hesitating about mediation? You can do this. With time off this weekend, you can have fun indoors or out with your kids, but to enjoy the rest of the summer, call me and get that fight worked out before you have to go to court. I can mediate in person or on Zoom, and I can even come to you. And I do mediation in Minneapolis and Saint Paul, Bloomington, Wayzata, Edina, Minnetonka and the Twin Cities Metro. Although I have an office, mediators often travel and I do mediation in Greater Minnesota. Why wait and drudge your way through summer with worries hanging over your head? Hesitating? Start mediation now and you’ll be glad you did! If you want to get to know me better, click here:

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