Need Mediation? Fall is the Time for Change!

In summer, things are busy and it’s not unusual to let things go. But fall is here and it is time to make a change, if you are needing to work out a divorce, a parenting schedule or any other issue. I can help you. Whether it’s dividing property or bank accounts I can help! Here is who I am.

What is involved. Meet with me for a free consultation and I’ll tell you. Divorce and child custody issues can be difficult, but mediation can make them easier, faster and less expensive. I understand what works in different situations, and I can help you decide what is best for the two of you. I have training to get you the best situation for your child(ren)

I handle mediation and divorce in greater Minnesota and the Twin Cities metro. We can find a place to meet near you. Call me today! You’ll be glad you did!