Nearing the End? Divorce Mediation and Child Custody Mediation Can Help!

It has been a long winter. These winters can wear on relationships, especially, if the fabric of your relationship was wearing thin even before the winter.

How does a relationship wear out? Well, first, when partners stop talking, stop trying to work things out, problems can arise. Maybe you’ve tried to get your counselor to counseling and he or she refuses to go. Maybe you try, but every time you talk, things blow up and only gets worse. Maybe there’s alcohol, drug use involved, or mental health issues. Could be you suspect an affair.

This gets to be intolerable after a while. At some point, something has to change. That’s when mediation can help. Working with me, whether divorce mediation or child custody mediation for folks that have never been married, can make the difference between settling things peacefully, or going into an all-out war. Do you really want every weakness of you or your relationship dragged into court? Working with me, Glen Bickford, can often be less expensive, time-consuming, and produce an outcome you both can live with. How are you going to co-parent afterwards if you rip each other apart. Try divorce mediation or child mediation first. You’ll be glad you did. Call me today: 507-269-9079 or 612-670-7980.