More Divorce Mediation Issues

The hardest part of divorce mediation issues is that what is an issue to one partner or parent or spouse may not be to the other. But it is precisely because one person has a problem that the other person doesn’t acknowledge that leads to a breakdown in a relationship. Divorce mediation can help with that.

Divorce mediation acknowledge and respects BOTH parties an ALL their issues. So an issue that EITHER person has in a dispute should be handled as an issue for both parties. Sometimes those divorce mediation issues are trivial but most often if an issue is seen as “trivial” to one person, it’s because they don’t understand the other person’s point of view. I can help with that. I can help “translate” an issue so the other person can understand it.

Sometimes such differences (and failure to understand) are due to stress: the stress of the break-up. Sometimes they are due to upbringing or personality. Sometimes a difference in understanding life is precisely WHY the couple got together in the first place. A difficulty in understanding or handling some aspect of life can be helped greatly by partnering with someone who has an opposite ability or understanding. Such differences are what make relationships (and divorce mediation) so interesting!