Is it Spring Yet? Time for Mediation

Summer is coming!

July 20 Dad outside painting 4

It’s starting to get warm and you can begin to do fun things outside? Why spend your time worrying about your relationship break-up. With mediation and a skilled pro, you can get an agreement, and you can co-parent successfully. It’s a lot less stressful! And you can spend your time outside playing with your kid(s). It’s time for mediation.

I’m happy to help you on evenings and weekends. here is more information about me:

Free Consultation

I’m easy to work with and I offer free consultation. We can either meet in person or over Zoom.

More Free Info on Mediation

Here it is:,than%20the%20power%20of%20persuasion.&text=Arbitration%3A%20The%20parties%20give%20the,the%20dispute%20to%20the%20arbitrator.

This can teach you the difference between mediation and arbitration, and how mediation is better than going to court. It’s time for mediation.

Try Mediation Today!

Call me at 612-670-7980 or 507-269-9079. I’m here to help. Enjoy your summer! Don’t spend it in court! Call me. You’ll be glad you did. Free Consultation.

Still Undecided?

I understand it’s a difficult time for you right now. I can help. the sooner you can work things out with your ex-to-be, the better it will be. things will get better. I’ve helped hundreds of couples make it to the finish line with their relationship. I can help you! I know schedules, how to divide personal property. I know what and what not to do in exchanges. I work also as a parenting consultant (PC) for the court system so I’m skilled with high conflict cases. If needed we can work over Zoom or with you and your ex in separate rooms.


The sooner you can get past this, the less anxious you’ll be in the long run. Call me today and you can ask me any questions about mediation and divorce, and child custody. If I can’t help you, I will refer you to others who can help.