June is Time for Divorce Mediation

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Having fun with Family

June is here and it’s time to get things done! Don’t put off something you need to do, then have fun with your family. If you need a divorce or child custody agreement don’t put it off. Just reach out to me, Glen Bickford 612-670-7980 or 507-269-9079. I’ve been mediating divorce, and helping with Minnesota divorce mediation for almost 20 years. I can help with custody issues, parenting time, holidays, and how to divide personal property. The sooner you get things done, the sooner you get to summer fun!

Divorce Mediation Issues

Divorce and child custody issues aren’t easy.https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/better-divorce/202005/the-absolute-hardest-thing-about-divorce Who wants to have things hanging over their head all summer? kids need Moms and Dads to really have fun. Schedules work differently with different age kids. I know what works, what might work, and what won’t. because of my years of experience as an evaluator (Early Neutral Evaluation and Custody Evaluation), I can tell you what a judge is likely to want: what is best for the kids. If move on you must, then do it with my help. you’ll be glad you did. Instead of making decisions in court, you can agree before court. After mediation it is much easier to co-parent and move on with your life.

Why Pick Mediation? Why Glen Bickford?

Mediation is the best way to separate peacefully. Once lawyers get involved, things can get ugly in a hurry. Who wants to have the judge or referee decide what is the best parenting schedule? With my help you can do it yourselves. That’s better for you and better for the kids. Divorce is new to most people, but not to me. I have helped settle hundreds of divorces. You can make the decisions better than most judges, because you know yourselves, you know your kids, and you know your situation far better than a judge can after a few hours.

Why me? I am not an attorney, but have worked side-by-side with attorneys for years, evaluating and observing. But I also have a gentler touch than most attorneys. A court battle is a last resort for me, because my job is to help people cooperate. I have thousands of hours of experience from some of the best mediation practitioners out there

Free Consultation

Meet with me for free! Until you decide to use me you don’t pay a dime. I offer up to an hour in person or via Zoom with the people involved. If you want to chat one-on-one call me to set something up. I do weekends and evenings if you need it, and Zoom by request.

Call me at 612-670-7980 or 507-269-9079. You’ll be glad you did. Get on with your life! I look forward to serving you.

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