How Much Does Divorce Mediation Cost?

People call me up quite often and ask me, first thing: how much do you charge per hour. Some people, when I quote them a rate, say thank-you and I never hear from them again. That’s unfortunate, because hourly rate is only a small part of what people should look at when selecting a mediator.

Here are some good questions. How do you compare to attorneys? I am the same price per hour as many attorneys, BUT I can accomplish the task of mediation in fewer hours than many attorneys. If you hire attorneys to do mediation, you are paying 2 attorneys plus a mediator. That can be $700/hour or more. Also, I am more efficient than many attorneys so I can help folks reach agreement with fewer hours, and less overall cost.

What else is helpful about mediating with me? I have years of experience and hundreds of cases settled. I can tell you not only what the courts will likely allow, but what works best for most couples. I can offer many ways of solving issues. many of these solutions are ones which parents would not have thought of.

When you mediate with me (divorce mediation or custody mediation), you get the benefit of making decisions yourselves, not made for you. Agreements are likely to stand the test of time, because you made them, not just forced to live with a judge’s decision.

I also offer the convenience of “pay-as-you-go.” Some attorney mediators want a huge retainer to mediate. I allow folks to pay by the hour. If they don’t like what they get (it seldom happens), they are free to pay for the session or part of a session and go elsewhere, and I will offer other mediators or alternatives to mediation that may work for you.

Divorce mediation at Bickford Mediation works!