How Hard is a Do-it-Yourself Divorce?

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Where Do I Go?

Are you needing a divorce?.,No.,know%20and%20follow%20the%20law. This will tell you the overview of MN divorce, and you don’t have to have an attorney. But doing a divorce yourself is costly because it takes a good deal of time. Wouldn’t you rather be moving on with your life or playing with your children? I can often help you more quickly and better than you can do it yourself, yet you make the decisions.

Mediation is Do-It-Yourself, with Help

Legal isn’t enough. You want to know how to craft a divorce that works the best for your situation. I have helped more than 200 couples, so I know what works well in many situations. The best way to exchange kids, the best way to make sure their emotional needs are met.

I Offer a Free Consultation

You can contact me by email, here just press the contact me button at the bottom of the page. I will talk over the phone and to both of you in person for up to an hour-for free!