Hope In Divorce: Divorce Mediation Can Help

It is hard to have hope during a divorce. People often tell me that the best they can hope for is to get out of a divorce alive. But I think that’s selling yourself short. I think you should strive to get out of a divorce intact, and in a position to grow personally and financially afterwards. What is the best way to do that? Avoid getting damaged. And what is the best way to avoid getting damaged? Avoid a fight. And the best way to avoid a fight is divorce mediation.

What is Court Like?

If you get attorneys, they are zealous. Being zealous is good- to a point. But it will get expensive, very expensive. You can avoid taking a huge financial hit most often by using divorce mediation. Divorce mediation is cheaper, and much more efficient, than a divorce battle over kids or assets. Even more important, you can get out of a bad situation without your ex-to-be dragging your name through the mud. You can get through things without dragging his or her name through the mud also. If you can do that, it will be much easier to co-parent (if you have kids). it will be much easier to move on and start a new life.

Life is difficult enough now that COVID-19 is here. Why make it any more difficult than you have to but fighting in court? The sooner you try mediation, the sooner you can be out of your trying situation.

Mediation by Teleconference

Some folks have asked me, can you mediate without meeting face-to-face? The answer is yes. We can meet over telephone, a Zoom meeting or on Skype. In such circumstances, it’s best for me to talk with each party for longer ahead of time, so we can keep the telephone or video conference shorter. Divorce Mediation can work even in these tough COVID-19 times!