Getting to Divorce Mediation

Divorce mediation is a good thing, if you need to divorce. It’s better for you, better for the kids, and you’re not ripping each other’s reputations to shreds via attorneys. You can start your post-marriage life cooperating, not antagonizing. It’s a great role model for your kids.

But what if you and your ex are not communicating? You may need to let me try to communicate and suggest mediation. You may need to pick 3 or more possible mediators and you take turns eliminating names until one is left. You may even need to go to court to get your ex to even go to mediation.

I can tell you most judges are appreciative, even eager to have you try mediation first. Divorce mediation is their friend- and yours. Judges hate to have to make decisions for families. Even with good evidence, they don’t really know your children as well as you do. And if either of you don’t like the decision the judge makes, then it’s back to court as soon as the judge allows your case to be re-examined.

Besides, mediation is most often easier, faster and cheaper than going to court. Who really wants a judge to make a decision for YOUR kids? With divorce mediation, the results are in your hands, and you are much more likely to stick with something you helped decide. Divorce mediation works!