More Frequently Asked Divorce Mediation Questions

Why Should You Use Divorce Mediation?   More Frequently Asked Divorce Mediation Questions

Here Are Five Top Reasons to Use Divorce Mediation or Family Mediation:

Divorce mediation saves money

Divorce mediation saves time

Divorce mediation is less stressful

Divorce mediation gets better results for you and your kids

In divorce mediation, you get to decide what’s best, not a judge


Frequently Asked Questions about Divorce Mediation Can Be Answered by Glen When You Call


8 Questions answered about Divorce Mediation

What Qualifications Should a Divorce Mediator Have?

Divorce mediators need mediation training, experience, and a caring attitude.

Glen Bickford is a caring professional mediator. He trained first as an

emergency room chaplain, then as mediator by CDR Associates (Boulder, CO),

Hamline Law School (Minneapolis) and finally as an early neutral (custody)

evaluator for Minnesota courts. Glen has nearly 20 years

experience mediating.

When Should You Go See a Divorce Mediator?

Mediation usually works best before either party hires a lawyer, though it can be

done after (it is just more expensive when both parties have to pay lawyers.)

Most people contact a mediator right after they know they want a divorce, before

the conflict escalates. Sometimes parties switch to mediation after they can no

longer afford to pay their lawyers.

Call Glen and let him help quickly resolve some of the uncertainty about

what life after divorce will look like and make the process easier.

Why Is Mediation Better When Children Are Involved?

Mediation makes co-parenting easier because parents decide what’s best

together—instead of a judge. Mediators can advise you on the best parenting

schedule for your children’s ages. They know the easy ways to handle

exchanges and money so there’s less stress now and years from now.

Glen knows the issues that are likely to come up. Let his nearly 20 years of

knowledge and experience work for you and your kids..

How Much Does Divorce Mediation Cost?

Mediators cost the same as most lawyers, but parents can split the cost and its

takes fewer hours.

Glen’s offers a free one-hour consultation. At this meeting he will share

with you his cost structure and ways to split the costs between parties.

What Is Divorce Mediation Like?

Divorce mediation is one or more meetings to address areas of conflict.

Sometimes these meetings happen with both parties in the same room,

sometimes they are in different rooms. Usually the meetings take place without

lawyers, but if lawyers have already been hired, they may attend the meetings


Glen has evening and weekend hours available and has remote meeting

locations in most counties.

How Does Divorce Mediation Work?

Mediation is a process to discover ways to move forward so both parties are

satisfied. Some issues are more important to one person than the other. It’s a

process of give-and-take.

Divorce mediation is usually divided into two parts: Financial (spousal

maintenance, child support, assets/liabilities/debts and personal property) and

parenting time.

Let Glen help you discover what’s most important to you and some

creative ways to move forward separately.

Do You Need a Divorce Mediator or Should You Hire a Lawyer or Try a Do-It-

Yourself Divorce?

If the two of you can decide issues peacefully and understand all the issues a

judge might be concerned about, then you can do it yourself. Most couples find it

much easier and less time consuming when they have a mediator guiding them

through the process.

Sometimes you need lawyers if one person is mentally unstable or addicted, but

it is less often than one might think. Even then, matters can sometimes be settled

in mediation with or without lawyers. Unfortunately, if one party hires a lawyer,

the other party feels forced to hire one too.

Both parties attend the free one-hour consultation together. Let Glen help

you understand all your options moving forward. Glen can guide you

through the process and all of the paperwork.

Can You Use a Mediator If You and Your Spouse Don’t Get Along?

Yes. Many issues can be resolved through mediation. If an issue can’t be

decided, then sometimes it is necessary to hire lawyers and have a judge decide

that issue.

Glen can help save you money and time by limiting or eliminating the cost

of lawyers.

How Long Does Divorce Mediation Take?

Unlike hiring lawyers (often months of waiting and nasty letters), most issues are solved in 2 to 3 sessions over a couple of


At your free consultation, Glen can give you an estimate of how many

sessions it will take based upon how many issues need to be resolved.

Why Is Divorce Mediation Better Than Court Fights with Lawyers?

Divorce mediation lets the individuals decide instead of following a judge’s

decree. It’s usually less stressful for both parties than working with lawyers and

going to court.

Whether or not you use a lawyer, Glen can help save you time and money.

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    I like that you mentioned that divorce mediation can get better results for you and your kids. My best friend is going through a divorce, and he wants the process to be easy on his kids. Rather than going to court to fight it out, it would be better for the kids to resolve issues amicably. I will have to pass this on to him.

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