Divorce Mediation Issues

What are the main issues in divorce mediation?

There are many the courts are concerned about, but the most important issue for MN courts is the best interests of the children. What works for the kids, even if it’s more difficult for the adults, rules. Of course, there are exceptions, because if you make divorced life hell for the adults (commuting for hours) then in the end it becomes harder for the kids. The kids have to have a schedule, a vacation and holiday schedule, and where they are if the parent has work. How to divide expenses can be another issue.

But there are also other divorce mediation issues that are important. What to do with the house, for one thing. How to divide personal property for another. Dividing money and retirement funds. Any of these can be an issue, and a difficult one to solve, if the parties are unwilling to hear another viewpoint.

In the end, anything can be an issue if one or the other people in mediation want to make it an issue. Divorce mediation issues are what people say they are.

Sometimes that diversity of issues means a couple cannot work out a solution without professional help. that’s where I come in. I have different solutions, different ways of doing things, fresh perspectives. My expertise can help during those critical moments when a discussion can become an argument, or an argument can become an end to mediation, and a beginning of a huge, expensive court battle. I can help you avoid that: for yourselves and especially for your kids.