Divorce Mediation and the Holidays

When is divorce mediation very often needed? the holidays. When do folks want to least like doing divorce mediation? The holidays, of course.

It is getting to that season again. When folks dread having to work out the holiday schedule with their ex for the kids. What’s the alternative? Doing it well BEFORE the holiday season, of course.

If couples think ahead, you can work out a plan that may last for YEARS. You can work out a schedule with exactness, yet with enough flexibility as the kids grow and change (as they do, regardless). You can work out alternative to handle when things do change: what changes you can live with, and when you must absolutely have the kids (That multi-generational family Christmas movie marathon on December 23, for example). You can figure out who decides what, and when it has to be decided. In short, divorce mediation with an experienced divorce mediator can do all that and more.

An experienced divorce mediator can save you all sorts of grief and stress both now and in the future. They are not as expensive as you might think: you can split the costs, and it usually takes many fewer hours than going to court with attorneys. You can settle things peacefully and co-parent well for the sake of your kids. Try divorce mediation today!