Divorce Mediation and Holidays Part II

What ideas are most important to you when you are figuring out child custody issues during divorce mediation? If you know, your mediation will be much easier (and your life will be better AFTER the mediation). Is vacation time more important than holidays? If you need to go to a funeral with your child on your ex’s time, should she/he get “make-up time?” often times you may not understand what feels “wrong” to you until it happens. Some folks grew up in households where ANYTHING you can do to help a grieving person is not only desirable, but EXPECTED. If your ex-spouse didn’t grow up in a household like that, but was told adults “tough it through” and “never ask for favors.” It all come to an explosion when you expect your ex to bend over backwards to help you and she/he doesn’t and expects you to be an “adult” and push through it. So you need to work out ideas like compensatory time.

If holidays are more important than vacation, then you should never even ask to take vacation time during the holidays, let alone expect it. Sooner or later, if vacations are most important, then your ex will go somewhere for Christmas with the kids for two weeks and you will have both Christmas AND New Year’s by yourself. Do unto others as you would want them to do to you.

If you can think about what you want BEFORE you finalize a divorce mediation your life will be better in countless way