Divorce Mediation: A Change of Seasons

Having trouble in your relationship, whether you’re married or not, is difficult. It can be especially tough if you have children from the now-troubled relationship.

There is a tendency with most all of us to want to ignore issues for as long as we can. This leaning is especially strong when it is coming into fall and winter. The last thing any of us WANTS to do when it’s cold/snowy/rainy is to strike out on our own to find a new place to live, a new way to live, and new people to associate with. And yet that is what we really need to do, unless we want to spend ANOTHER winter cooped up in the same house with someone whose relationship is making us miserable.

What’s to be done in the situation? Get help. There are many mediators out there who can help. It could be the relationship just needs to be tweaked. For many folks, however, the relationship that is making you miserable (along with the weather) is broken, and there is little that can be done for complete repair.

At that time, it’s time for salvage. Salvage pride, memorabilia, and avoid further damage to each other and to the kids. The best way to do that is divorce mediation. A professional mediator can work out how to divide marriage assets, set boundaries, and how to co-parent. Better yet, a mediator can work out agreements that can sidestep many issues which can form traps that many folks fall into. Wouldn’t it be nice to sidestep those issues or avoid them entirely, with an agreement that you craft to work well for you and the kids? That’s the goal of divorce mediation, and it is something I’m happy to help couples with.

A change of seasons does not have to mean your life is always more difficult. Why not try divorce mediation and get your life back? It will make you feel better, even though winter may be coming.