COVID-19 and Mediation

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Enjoy Your Summer

This is the way to enjoy summer with your son or daughter๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€.My Mediation business is open and booming despite COVID-19! Unless we meet outside, the buildings I use for mediation require me and my clients to wear masks. Check here for the latest updates from the governor’s office:

Zoom Mediation Information

I also do Zoom mediation, and my rates are lower because I don’t have to travel. Honestly, people have to work a little harder over Zoom to get understood, but many folks find it’s worth it because you can mediate from your home or office and get back to business of fun immediately after.

Some people find the emotional separation of Zoom a little easier. If things get tense, you can mute the speaker or quit the Zoom. But it is harder to be hassled and intimidated by someone when they are a tiny person on your screen. Plus, there is no way they can lean into you or stand up to try and dominate you. People on Zoom are usually on equal footing.

It is a little harder to share documents during Zoom meetings or in person with COVID-19, but if a little planning is done, people can have any important documents sent via email.

Other Ways to Mediate

I sometimes can call or Zoom with clients before the joint meeting. That way I can get a good idea of what’s possible for each person BEFORE the mediation begins. Sometimes the problems are mostly solved before the mediation even gets started!

Mixing COVID-19 and Mediation is not only possible, then, but in some ways may actually be preferable. Mediation is different. See what I have written here: about what mediation is.

Think about Yourself and Your Kids

It’s mid summer folks. I know COVID-19 is making most people feeling more tired than usual. Time to get that fall schedule worked out so you don’t have hassles later on. The closer I get to fall, the busier I generally get. Don’t !try to schedule something and not be able to get in before problems arise. Thinking ahead! That’s the key. Take a little time now to save you and your children headaches, pain and disappointment.