Coronavirus, COVID-19 and Mediation


Here we are in what seems like the middle of a forever stay at home vacation/confinement in Minnesota. Do COVID-19 and mediation mix? yes, it is possible to try mediation during this confinement. It can even be a more personal and comfortable experience, because you won’t be physically present in a room with you ex or ex-to-be. I work extra hard over the internet to make it a good experience. Frequently I check in with folks both before and after our teleconference on Zoom to see how they are doing and get a better sense of what they want and need.

You might ask, “Is it more difficult to understand during a teleconference?” The answer is that it can be, but folks also work extra hard to explain things clearly. There is less likelihood folks will simply think the other person should understand what they mean without any explanation.

I have started to hear from folks who want or need to move forward with divorce and/or custody issues. How does that work? Well, I am getting folks who are scheduling mediation now, for teleconference. I do divorce mediation in Edina, Minnetonka, Bloomington, Plymouth, Eden Prairie, Wayzata and, of course, Minneapolis, St. Paul. I do mediation in as well as Rochester and greater Minnesota. With teleconferencing, I can do mediation anywhere in Minnesota and it’s cheaper for you because I don’t have to travel.You can work on your divorce or separation at home. Otherwise, when the governor’s order is over, it may be months before you can get in to see me. There may be a dozen folks in line with me who are ahead of you. Don’t wait! Why not try mediation now? COVID-19 and Mediation can work well together, if a little care is taken. call me or click the link to fill out a form. I will contact you shortly.

Glen Bickford 612-6707980 or 507-269-9079