Corona Virus Isolation Getting to You?

It has been a long winter and it looks winter isolation will continue until June. Looks like we will be by ourselves for much of the time over the next few months. Corona Virus isolation is a real thing. It is hard to be apart from your support groups and family and friends. Corona Virus isolation is a terrible way to spend a spring.

We’re Still Open

I want to reassure you that Bickford Mediation is still open. I rarely mediate in groups of 10 or over. Most of the time, it is just myself and the couple (ex-couple) involved. A few times a year I mediate with both clients and attorneys. Even then, it’s not more than 10 people.
If you are considering a separation or a divorce, or need to work out some child custody issues, I can help. maybe the issue is communication. Sometimes just the presence of a third person can mean the difference between a civil conversation and a knock-down-drag-out. And I am much more than just a person in the room. I’m a pro, and I can save you time, money, and hassle.

New Ways of Reaching an Agreement

I offer rules and boundaries for talking about things. I offer practical solutions. What works? After mediating hundreds of cases, I know. Is it better to pick up or drop off kids? (usually drop-offs) How can you place a value on something that is priceless (trade it for other “priceless” things, or make duplicates).

If someone “just doesn’t understand,” I can usually explain it to them in ways they can understand. Besides, it is not unusual for folks to say “Oh, I get it now!” after mediating with me.

Bottom Line

Why dig yourself deeper into a hole in your relationship? Relax, Get it worked out! You’ll be glad you did. Even if you can’t stay together, at least you can part on civil terms. Call me! 612-670-7980.