Co-Parenting with an Ex: Time for Mediation

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Co-Parenting During Difficult Times
It is seldom easy to co-parent with an ex, especially if you and your ex don’t see things in the same way. Why not have difficult discussions with a skilled and trained mediator? Cab’t Travel ? Instead we can Zoom; my Zoom meeting rates are less than my usual rates, and you can talk from the privacy and comfort of your own home. Plus you have a witness who can not only understand what’s happening between you two, but knows how to fix it and get things done.

How to Cope until You Reach Mediation

Until you can get to a meeting with me, try to take a step back. Analyze your conversations. What are the words and phrases they use that drive you crazy? Are there words you use that drive THEM crazy. Do you interrupt? Do they? Here are some tips for better conversation:

I would add look at your own body language. Do you stand with your arms crossed when you talk to you ex? Do you roll your eyes or sigh out loud? These actions can poison your encounter.

I Travel to You in my Car or by Internet

I serve the greater Twin Cities Metro area, and that includes Wayzata, Plymouth, Minnetonka, Eden Prairie, Richfield, Edina, Bloomington, Lakeville, Minneapolis and Saint Paul. I also serve Southern Minnesota including Rochester, Mankato and points in between. See my statement below.

Why struggle on alone with trying to make your ex understand your point of view? Get things done now, so when the stay at home recommendations change, you can really enjoy your life. Call me today! Below is a recent review:

Five Stars Review

Mr Bickford brings a compassionate, unbiased wealth of knowledge to these serious issues. A deep well of experience. A detail mind.
He has a gift for sensing pain and suggesting the appropriate action.
It’s never his way. It’s your way. Your journey.
Glen has helped me. I have known him a long time.
I have had mediation training but could never begin to walk in his shoes.
Thank you Glen. JA