Spring is Almost Here. It’s Mediation Season!

It’s been a long, snowy winter here in Minnesota and many couples are feeling a bit testy. Or more than a bit. Every couple has issues, and issues don’t always have to lead to divorce and divorce mediation. Many issues can be resolved on your own without a mediator, if you are willing and able to communicate.
Many people in troubled marriages can’t communicate, or at least, not without help. That’s where I come in. I can help couples work things out so they don’t divorce. In cases where folks are simply not compatible any more (if you ever were), I can help you divorce amicably, affordably and relatively painlessly. For you folks who have never married, I can help, too. I can help you work out a child custody agreement that you can get signed into law by a judge or referee.

Conflict in relationships is almost never easy. I can help. Marriage mediation, divorce mediation and child custody issues I have lots of experience with. Do you need a parenting time expediter (PTE) or a parenting consultant, or even a custody evaluator and a full custody evaluation? I can do that too.
I can simply be someone to help you reach decisions with no other help from
me, or I can put my years of drafting agreements to use for you, with dozens of suggestions of what might work well for you, and what won’t work well for you or your children (do not exchange a baby month-by-month and expect him or her to have a good relationship with both parents). I know what works for you, and more importantly, I know what can work for your kids. Call me!612-670-7980 or 507-269-9079.

I can come to you for mediation. And you will get things done!

Christmas Conflict

In the Christmas Season is when conflict from the whole year can come to a critical point. The parenting issues you’ve been ignoring can be a problem. Minor differences in values and ideas can become magnified by pressure from family and friends to do things a certain way. Most often, mediation can help avoid Christmas conflict in a couple of ways. First it sets  the stage for discussion about parenting time before Christmas, when parents are less stressed. Second, it can provide clear boundaries at Christmas, so you can spend time with family instead of arguing over who gets the kids when. With mediation, you can incorporate as much or as little flexibility as YOU decide, rather than depending on a judge to set boundaries without knowing your situation. If needed, hiring a parenting time expeditor to interpret a judge’s decree or a parenting consultant to make those decisions if you can’t agree can be a smart move. Then Christmas can truly be a joy.