Property Division in Divorce Mediation

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Wouldn’t you rather do this than property division?

Personal Property Division doesn’t have to be difficult. The idea is to make it as fair as possible. That way, the judge won’t change your agreement and will agree with what you decide. Why do judges care? They want what is best, of course, but they also want to avoid a later court battle over property post divorce.

Make a list of what each person wants. Look at the value of each list Does it seem fair? If not, why not? look for help. if it doesn’t seem fair consider compensating one person so they can buy replacement items. Don’t spend your time fighting over one item. Contact me or State laws may vary, so be careful.

With a little care, division of property doesn’t need to be bad. I can help, and I have many ways of working out personal property disputes Good Luck Glen 6126707980