Personal Property Division

What is personal property division? Who gets the antiques? The one-of-a-kind collectible? Personal property division disputes involving furniture, tools, books etc. (usually excluding large items such as cars and boats which are more easily handled) can be a contentious issue in a divorce. Most judges and attorneys quickly lose patience with such disputes in court. One Minnesota judge decided that a dining table and each dining chair would be cut in two unless the couple could find agreement during a half hour recess! Many judges will not deal with such disputes at all, and instead may simply rule that the item(s) should be sold and the proceeds divided equally.

Glen Bickford has worked with many personal property disputes and knows different ways to divide property quickly and fairly. In such cases, he may act as mediator for a set fee based on the amount of property to be divided or may work at an hourly rate. Generally personal property division is done without attorneys present.