Parenting Consultant

My child has a summer birthday. Should he/she start kindergarten as a 5 year old or as a 6 year old? A Parenting Consultant (PC) is like a Parenting Time Expeditor (or PTE- see PTE page for more information) but a PC has more authority. A Parenting Consultant can do everything a PTE can do but may also arbitrate other issues not addressed by the court if the parties agree. There is no training required to be a parenting consultant other than qualified neutral, but Glen has special training through Hamline Law School, St. Paul, MN to serve as a Parenting Consultant similar to the one in the link. As PC, Glen works at an hourly rate.

Like a PTE, a PC’s decision may be upheld or overturned by the court. Unlike a PTE, a Parenting Consultant’s decision is public and told to the court as well as the parents when a decision is rendered. Parenting Consulting is an alternative dispute resolution process authorized by MN Statute Rule 114.02 (a) (10).