Elder Mediation

Elder Mediation is a growing field as the population ages and may require end-of-life decisions regarding living arrangements or skilled care. It may involve end-of-life issues in a hospital, nursing home or at home. It may also involve disputes over property after a family member dies. see video about the process here. and a demonstration of the process here. It has become an important process in hospitals, nursing homes and retirement communities. There are questions of ethics, the elder’s wishes, his or her spouse and family members or friends. It cuts to the heart of a person. What the elderly person has become through age, self-determination and competency are major issues. How family members express concern is an issue. Greed of those who stand to inherit may be an issue. Family members’ responsibility or right is another major issue. elder Mediation will be an important part of our families’ futures.

In mediating elder disputes, Glen Bickford relies on his pastoral and chaplain training and his experience in a dozen congregations, three nursing homes and four hospitals, including Saint Mary’s Hospital in Rochester, MN (Mayo Clinic).

Glen has served as chaplain in Emergency Rooms, Intensive Care and Hospice Units, mediating disputes and facilitating communication in families and with the institutions. He has been involved with families in hundreds of medical and withdrawal-of-support decisions, has been bedside at more than 70 deaths and is familiar with most end-of-life issues and dilemmas. His own father had major life decisions to make before he entered hospice. As a pastor, he is regularly consulted in elder mediation issues.

In elder mediation disputes, Glen is a supportive and caring presence enabling individuals and families to reach decisions regarding care, withdrawal of support and other important decisions. He works at an hourly rate for elder disputes.