Divorce Mediation


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Divorce Mediation

Divorce with a Mediator Is Easier and Cost-Efficient

Is your family in crisis? Are you doing divorce by yourself? Do you need divorce mediation consultation?

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Glen Bickford is a caring professional mediator. Trained first as an ER chaplain, then as a mediator by CDR Associates (Boulder, CO), Hamline Law School, and Erickson Mediation (Mpls.). Glen is a MN Qualified Neutral and an early neutral (custody) evaluator for Minnesota courts.

Glen has 20+ years of experience mediating and helps couples with:

  • separation mediation
  • mediation during divorce
  • divorce mediation child custody
  • parenting time mediation
  • post-divorce mediation

He can advise you on the best parenting schedule for your children’s ages. He knows the easy ways to handle exchanges and money so there’s less stress now and years from now. He knows the issues that are likely to come up. Let his years of knowledge and experience work for you...and for your kids.

Going through Divorce or Separation? Choosing between Lawyer and Mediator?

When you separate, you can do it quickly and split, taking a few things and leaving. But if you do, you may end up regretting it afterwards because the assets you missed your fair share of what you had together and figuring out parenting time without help can be difficult. You can go to the local county law library, spend hours researching and filling out documents only to find out in court that you did it wrong. Then it’s more hassle and more expense.

You can hire divorce attorneys at $250/hr (or much more) per attorney to do your divorce for you. Figure $5000 apiece if your attorneys settle it in conference or upwards of $10,000 or more each if it goes to court. If it goes to court a judge decides, and you may not like what they say. Then it’s back to court to try and change things. In court your attorneys will try to prove who is the better person and the better parent.

When you mediate with me at Bickford Mediation you decide what’s best. Because you work things out yourselves, a mediated agreement is unlikely to go to court again and because you both agreed, it’s better on both of you and better for your kids. You can move on. Plus my fees are less than many attorneys and you can split the cost. My agreements are drafted up by an attorney so judges seldom question them.

Choose our mediation services and you will decide what’s best for your family, not a judge.

  • Save money
  • Save time
  • Less stress
  • Better results for you and your kids

How does divorce mediation work?

Divorce mediation is usually divided into two parts: Financial (spousal maintenance, child support, assets/liabilities/debts and personal property) and parenting time. I mediate on most matters related to divorce and cohabitation, including child custody and property disputes. Parenting Consultant work with high conflict couples is my specialty.

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Glen’s hourly rate is less than attorneys and parents can split the cost.

Whether or not you use a divorce lawyer, Glen can help save you time and money.

"Huge blessings on you!!! I know it wasn't easy working for us, but I appreciate all you did." B.R.

“With Glen’s help in our first meeting, we got a lot more resolved than I ever expected!” M.L.

“Glen was a big help in getting us to work together. I highly recommend him” M.B.