Family Lawyers

Family Lawyers and Family Attorneys

A family lawyer or family attorney is a legal professional who does most or all of his (or more commonly her) legal work in divorce, custody issues and/or parenting time issues. A good family lawyer can be of great help in understanding the legal obligations and consequences in how much time you have custody of your child(ren). For custody disputes and divorce, it is generally better to approach a lawyer who specializes in Family Law rather than a general attorney, as family attorneys usually understand judges’ approaches and preferences in divorce law better than a generalist might. If you have any doubts about a mediated settlement, before you sign hire a couple hours of a family attorney’s time and have/her/him look the agreement over. Check with the attorney first in such a situation but usually in such cases it’s not necessary to hire the attorney with their full retainer costing thousands of dollars. A family attorney can be very helpful to consult before mediation also.

Minnesota Divorce Mediation can be expensive if both parties hire attorneys and they are present at the mediation with their clients. A few family lawyers offer unbundled services, i.e. do not require a $3000-$5000 retainer but work on an hourly basis for only the services you need. (see this link for more information: They are not easy to find, but Glen Bickford knows of several unbundled service attorneys in Minnesota and often uses uses them to write up complex legal documents for his Minnesota mediation services