Divorce Mediation Information

Divorce Mediation Information

Contact Glen for a free consultation regarding your situation. Divorce Mediation Information and general mediation information follow below.

Divorce Mediation Information is not always easy to get. Many people say they have divorce mediation information but they may not want to do mediation at all. Mediation literally means “being in the middle”. Someone (the mediator) is in the middle between the two people, interpreting  what each person in the dispute is saying. The mediator focuses on the content of the person’s words but re-expressing the person’s thoughts and feelings in a non-threatening way. Mediation can also be done by “caucusing”, i.e. meeting with each person or party separately. When caucusing people are usually in rooms or spaces close enough together to allow the mediator to travel back and forth quickly. Divorce Mediation and finding divorce mediation information does not have to be painful.

Divorce Mediation can also be done by people or a group meeting in the same room. The more people involved the longer mediation takes. Having a spokesman for the group(s) can facilitate and shorten mediation. At Bickford Mediation, Glen focuses on Divorce Mediation and Family Mediation and also does Church Mediation. Mr. Bickford is qualified and experienced in Civil and Farmer-Lender Disputes, as well.

When mediating it is a good idea for people to think about what they want even before they start. It is seldom that an agreement is perfect for all people concerned. More often there is a solution that both parties can  simply “live with” instead, and this is okay, for people understand that a “live with” solution is better than no solution.

Thinking about why they hold a certain position is important, too. It may be that the other person can accept and appreciate what you say if he or she can understand the reason you hold that position. If you can explain why it’s better in a calm voice, the other person may even agree with your viewpoint. Divorce mediation can often bring people together so they can co-parent well.

Divorce Mediation, Family Mediation Church Mediation Work!

PS. The new (as of August 1) revised standards for MN Child Custody  are in this link below. It’s not an easy read, but shows Minnesota has taken a step away from one primary parent post divorce.


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