Divorce Mediation and Custody Mediation: What’s the Difference Between a Mediator and an Attorney?

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Talking divorce mediation and child custody mediation. What is the difference between an attorney and a mediator? here is an article: https://www.equitablemediation.com/blog/divorce-mediation-vs-lawyer Here is my take: a mediator helps two people reach a settlement by agreement but can’t go to court. An attorney if she or he is a mediator can do either. I happen to be a mediator but not an attorney. That is a disadvantage to some people, and an advantage to others. I am a pastor by background. While I know some about the laws for mediation (I’m Minnesota Qualified as a neutral), I don’t have the knowledge that an attorney might. I do have great experience, however, in helping folks get along and reach a settlement, more than many attorneys. I’m pastoral by nature. I believe that a mediated agreement will often be better than many, perhaps most, court settlements. For legal facts I can consult an attorney or you can. But as a court evaluator in over 100 cases, most often I understand what a judge needs to be able to accept an agreement. Call me today! 612-670-7980 or 507-269-9079.