4th of July Divorce Mediation Post: Why Mediation is helpful.

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Fun in Summer with Your Kids after Mediation

Why is mediation helpful? Why is mediation with me helpful? Bickford Mediation was named one of the Twin Cities metro best mediators this summer. I just https://kevsbest.com/best-mediators-in-minneapolis-mn/ Check it out!

Why choose Glen Bickford?

I have been mediating in churches and for couples for over 20 years. I am pretty easy to get along with, and I can help lead to your decisions for your kids. Divorce Mediation is indeed helpful with Bickford Mediation. Are you new to divorce and to mediation? I can help you through the process step by step. I’ve done it hundreds of times before.


I’m a meteorologist and pastor by background, with clear head and warm heart. I’ve been a pastor for 30 years. I’ve been mediating for a long time, so I’m pretty certain I can help you with you situation. I have hundreds of cases behind me: with attorneys, without attorneys, as an evaluator and as a mediator.

Divorce Solutions

I’ve worked as a parenting consultant (PC) after divorce, too. So I know what problems can arise after divorce, and how to avoid them. Problems with pick-ups and drop-offs? No problem. How do I divide property? How do we figure out what is fair when we divide our things?

How about vacations? What’s the best way to make sure kids get vacation time with both parents? How do you schedule a vacation without driving your ex crazy?

Expect the Unexpected

I know many folks don’t want to have another partner right away, and that makes it easier to parent between the two of you. But just because you have another person (and their kids) in the picture does not mean disaster. Learn what your limits are. Understand the new significant other’s role. New partners can be very helpful or very unhelpful, depending on how they are treated. Know what helps, and what doesn’t, in how to relate to them.

There will always be issues after a relationship ends. There are job changes, health issues, new children, new homes and much, much more. I can help you anticipate many of these changes and how to handle them in your agreement.

Glen Bickford: A Helpful Mediator

With Glen you get experience, creativity and the practical knowledge to make your divorce mediation work and your new life afterwards work. Glen can help you gets results. Call him today! 507-269-9079 or 612-670-7980. You’ll be glad you did.