Divorce Mediation Problems: Sorting Them Out

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Divorce or Separation got you down? Try Divorce Mediation. Bickford Mediation Can Help Evaluate Your Best Solution

Divorce is tough. Trying to do it yourself is even tougher. You download the blank form and it is many pages long. What is physical custody? What is legal custody? how specific does the parenting schedule need to be? Glen Bickford at Bickford Mediation https://resolveconflictnow.net/wp-admin/post.php?post=4543&action=edit can help. Not only does Glen help you reach a solution, He can help you with what is the best solution for you!

Parenting Schedule

Don’t switch you baby back every other month. Don’t make a teenager switch houses every other day. What works best for the kids is most often what works best for you parents. But the older the kids are, the longer they can be in each house. Having siblings along can stretch the time out, because the kids don’t feel as lonely. Calling, texting and video with the non-custodial parent (the other house) can help, too, as long as it’s not disruptive to what you want to do with the kids.

Custody Labels

If your kids are going to have time in each household, then shared custody may be possible- if you get along. Most parents can decide medical, school or religious issues between yourselves. Even if it’s a decision after mediation, you can likely try joint legal custody. If you get along really well, joint physical custody (time in each household, not necessarily 50/50 time) is possible. But you have to figure out back-up plans, communication, and transportation. the more you can work out before you separate, the easier it will be AFTER you separate. (I know it’s not easy, that’s why mediation can help)

Vacations After Divorce

Vacations after a divorce can be more difficult, so it’s best to figure out these as early as possible each year, usually with equal time for each parent withe the kids and, ideally, time off without the kids, too. Consider planning vacations together once or twice a year. decide who gets first dibs each year if vacation time conflicts. You might even consider vacationing together! https://jacobsonfamilylaw.com/vacation-as-a-family-after-divorce/


With a little care and planning, divorced life can be made a lot easier. Learn to Co-parent today and your future lives apart will be much simpler! Call Glen Bickford of Bickford Mediation 612-670-7980 (Twin Cities Metro) or 506-269-9079 (SouthernMinnesota) to help. You’ll be glad you did!