Summer! Time for Mediation!

When Should I Mediate?

Is it time for mediation? If you’re sick and tired of fighting with your ex, it probably is. If you can’t quite communicate with your ex, it may be time for mediation. You want to enjoy summer without having cloud hanging over your head, so it may be time for mediation. Divorce mediation works. Custody mediation works.

Do-it-Yourself, or Not?

There are times when you can do things yourself, and there’s a time for pros. Divorce mediation on your own seldom work. So if it works for you, great. For everybody else, I’m available to help. Here’s my background:

What Mediating Is

I can help explain how mediation works, for free! A free consultation of up to an hour is available. And I can explain what mediation is, how it works, and what things you need to mediate well. This link can help:

What Mediation Is Not!

What picture do you have of mediation? It is not being stuck in a room all day and all night, working out the details of your agreement. You hear Unions bargain that way, but it doesn’t work very well for divorce mediation. Instead, With me you mediate in 1-2 hour blocks and you think about what you’ve tentatively agreed to. Up until the judge signs the agreement you can often tweak you agreement, or even change your mind.

Where Do You Mediate?

My main office for mediating with folks is in Bloomington. I also have an office in Rochester. I can also mediate in Minneapolis, St. Paul, Edina, Mankato, Owatonna, Rochester, Richfield, Wayzata, Eden Prairie. You can come to me, or I will come to you, at no additional charge. I can nearly always find a place to mediate that is near where you are.

Does Mediation Always Succeed?

No, I wish it did. If it doesn’t succeed, there are still many other options, though they usually take longer, are more expensive and often not as good as the results you can get when you mediate. If mediating fails (seldom happens) I will present you with other alternatives. Every way you do that, however, you let another person make more and more of your decisions for you: an attorney, a judge or referee, a custody evaluator, an arbitrator, not you. Mediated agreements, because YOU make them, are usually better, longer lasting and more flexible. I’ve been mediating long enough that I can help you make agreements like that.

Call me at 612-670-7980 or 507-269-9079 today. You’ll be glad you did!

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