Mediating Child Custody Issues.

I just got a call this morning from a Dad (often Moms as well) about his ex. It seems that the ex is, according to the caller, totally ignoring the parenting court order at times, and “finding loopholes” the rest of the time.

This is a common problem, but seldom with an easy solution. One solution is to hire a $300 an hour attorney to fight for your rights. Sometimes that works and it “whips” the non-compliant into shape. Most often, though, whatever the court decides, if the non-compliant parent doesn’t like the outcome he or she will simply ignore it again. Most judges are not going to throw the non-compliant parent into jail, though they may award more parenting or even full custody to the petitioning parent.

Mediation offers another solution.. One investigates why the non-compliant parent is non compliant. Often just being heard can make a difference and a new agreement can be reached. A solution is not imposed, but agreed upon. If there are still suspicions that one parent is not going to follow through with an agreement, conditions can be made if the agreement isn’t followed. If such conditions are in place, it adds “teeth” to the agreement and if needed, can be reasonably easily and quickly be enforced by a court if needed, most often without the need for an attorney.